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Sustainable House Day web video

November 6, 2019

Once a year home owners with a sustainable living philosophy, open their homes to the public. In September this year, we spent two days with David and Kirsten, who shared their passion for environmentally responsible design, construction and living.

Telling the whole story

The video production challenge was to craft a short web video which told the whole story: design, build and living sustainably. So along with the home owners, we also interviewed the architect, Emilis Prelgauskas, and the owners of the building company, Danny and Donna from Energy Aspect Living.

The idea in such an interview is to try capture the passion and emotion that motivates each person to do what they do… and if we can, then audiences may also be motivated and inspired. But put someone in front of a camera and they can easily clam up… and all the passion can melt away. So we try to have a lot of fun and make the experience enjoyable… even for the most camera-shy person.

The house itself was the main star of the web video production… so we made sure to capture the major environmental features: outdoor shots using the camera crane and indoor shots with the tracking system (or dolly). The “top shot” of the web video featured the 3 year old, running from his bedroom to the living room to give his mum a huge hug… simultaneously revealing the transition from old house to new. We used our steady-cam rig to give the shot a smooth travelling effect.

We won’t mention that it took 6 attempts to pull the shot off… but it was worth it! In fact I think the little guy stole the whole show!

We feel the final story came together really well. The home owner testimonials were genuine and persuasive. So our client was very happy with the final cut.

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