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Video production is all about the story!

December 6, 2019

As an innovative and creative video production company, here in Adelaide, we have come to see ourselves as “digital story-tellers”.

You may have the slickest product in the world and the best marketing plan money can develop; but unless you can communicate persuasively with your target audience, all that is in vain.

And in this day and age of “hard sell promo videos” and “Hollywood style corporate video” there seems to be a level of cynicism and suspicion rising in the market. I mean, we are all sick of politicians spruiking their policies, celebrities endorsing their favourite multi-vitamins and infomercials promising the world for just $19.99! Do we actually believe any of this anymore?

So how do you cut through?

Everybody loves a story!

Since the dawn of time humans have loved a good story. Before we had the internet… or electricity… or books… we told stories. Before we had schools we had the campfire. If there was something worth knowing it was a story worth telling.

We apply the same thinking to  video productions for our corporate and our not-for-profit clients. We tell a story. In fact the key is to find someone who can tell your story for you… on your behalf. Your satisfied customers!

Who can argue with a real person telling their personal story for no gain… no endorsement payment… with no conflict of interest. They are happy with your products and services and they want others to know it.

For our client testimonial videos , we set about meeting customers and hearing what they have to say… unscripted, un-media-managed and honest. And because our clients do such a  good job we have no trouble finding the stories to tell.

It’s compelling.

It’s real.

It’s persuasive.

And it works.

So maybe it’s time to stop blowing your own trumpet and find a happy customer to blow it for you.

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