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Our First Feature Film Receives Official Selection

April 9, 2019

Film production is a long drawn out process, especially when you are on a tight or even non-existent budget. It’s a labour of love from script to the BIG screen.

Winter Wonderland Productions, our video production company in Adelaide, majors in short form corporate videos and web videos, training videos and testimonial videos. It keeps us out of trouble and puts food on the table.

But it is our love of film-making that makes our world go ’round! And we are starting to pick up the accolades!

Our first feature film documentary, “Taste and See”, has received “Official Selection” in 3 international Film Festivals; so we are frantically designing film posters, cutting trailers and sending screeners for judging panels to view.

It was filmed over 14 days in Indonesia… but took 9 months to edit…and a further year to get noticed… and now we hope to land a distribution deal through the exposure being offered at these film festivals.

Apart from being exciting and rewarding to get this far in the process, we get to show off our “Laurels” in print, web and film.

And it gives us the motivation to get cracking on  our second feature film documentary: Child of the Killing Fields, shot in Cambodia.

But that will have to wait while we deliver another series of compelling videos for the Department of State Development, here in Adelaide, and a new batch of product videos for an international sports equipment company.

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